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   Thank you for your interest in “Safe-T-Play “ playground material. There are numerous benefits for using recycled shredded tires as playground material such as; twice the cushioning effect of other materials (reduces chance of injury), clean and non-toxic (not harmful if swallowed), will not rot or decay therefore more economical over time (one time purchase, never have to replace), does not attract or maintain moisture therefore not susceptible to reduced performance due to rainy weather (kids can return to playground sooner).

   The Safe-T-Play product is unique, shredded only from bias tires. The use of bias tires along with a series of processing magnets throughout the system insures a wire free product. This also allows us to produce the material slightly larger, one-reducing the chance of ingestion, and two-lessens the chance of carrying pieces in shoes or clothing outside the playground area.

Safe-T-Play is a subsite of Emanuel Tire Company